Meet Our Counselors

Our counselors are experts in their field and are highly trained with degrees from accredited institutions. They are active in their local faith communities, have a heart for God, and are gifted in serving those who struggle with cognitive, emotional, relational, and spiritual issues. They encompass a wide variety of specialty areas and have a wide range of skills, training, and expertise. They use their individual strengths in their approach to providing services.  

The following treatment approaches are used:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy      Attachment Based Therapy
Emotional Focused Therapy  Family Systems
Experiential Therapy     Mindfulness Based Therapy
Rational Emotive Therapy          Solution Focused Therapy     

Office hours vary by therapist and some may have a waiting list. Please call the office for scheduling information. 817.924.2241

Our counselors are members of

The American Association of Christian Counselors

Dr. Shannon Wolf, LPC-S

Dr. Shannon Wolf is a Licensed Professional Counselor with supervisory status in Texas as well as a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor. She has served as the director of Southcliff Christian Counseling Center since 2003. Shannon has earned a PhD in Psychology and Counseling at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a doctoral minor in Foundations of Education. She has a Masters of Marriage and Family Counseling degree, also from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Shannon works with a wide range of client concerns including various types of trauma, depression, anxiety, marriage and family concerns, among other issues. She adjusts her counseling techniques to fit the unique needs of her clients. Shannon's approach to helping people is Christ-centered and biblically-based. She continues to research issues concerning trauma and recovery and is currently focusing on child sex trafficking issues.

Shannon and her family are active members of their local church family. They also served as international missionaries in Eastern Europe. Her love for cultures is reflected in her humanitarian work both nationally and abroad.
Frank Cheek, LPC

Mr. Frank Cheek earned a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and a second Master’s in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He went on to earn his professional title of LPC in July of 2000. Frank has had the privilege of counseling individuals, couples, families and groups. His experience does encompass a private practice, corporate therapy positions and church counseling.

In addition, Frank's view of psychology is guided by the Judeo-Christian ethic. That is why he practices a cognitive-behavioral model. In essence, our quality of life improves as we examine our beliefs and accept responsibility for who we are and where we want to go.